Tips for Quick Packing When Moving in Fort Hood!

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Packing can get rushed and messy, especially if you start getting towards your moving date, and you are running out of time. It is during this time that items can just get shoved into random boxes and end up broken or lost. Homes for rent in Fort Hood may know of some tips that will help you keep your packing from ending up this way!

  1. Small items can get tossed around during shipping and get damaged even when they are in boxes. You can solve this problem by placing a bunch of items that are packed in small boxes inside a bigger box for shipping. Everything will get held together this way, so the items will not get broken or lost.
  2. If you have items that will be going directly into storage, then you may want to forego packing them in boxes. You can use cheap plastic bins instead. These can be easier to stack because they do not get crushed. They also can be transparent, which will make it simpler for you to find items when you want to get them out.
  3. You should remove the drawers from your dressers, so they will be lighter and easier to maneuver onto the moving truck. You do not need to empty them, however. Instead you can leave everything in them, and cover the open tops with heavy-duty cling wrap to keep stuff from falling out. You can then stack these improvised moving boxes next to the empty dresser on the moving truck.

One thought on “Tips for Quick Packing When Moving in Fort Hood!

  1. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to put smaller boxes inside bigger ones when moving. This is a great way to make sure everything stays together and nothing gets thrown around. I’m moving in a month, so I’ll definite keep in mind to have some bigger boxes on hand to hold the smaller ones. Thanks for the great post!

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